Facebook Application Privacy Policy
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Facebook Application Privacy Policy

What we currently use Facebook for

Basic Facebook App

We use the basic facebook app to allow users to share or message their Love My Library page to gather support. We do not use or gather any Facebook data.


We do not have the right to post on anyone's page. We do not have the right to contact anyone on your behalf or for any other purpose. We do not use your photo.

We do not share your contact information. We do not share your email address.

We do not receive nor store nor collect any data from Facebook.

Facebook Posting

We do provide links to post on Facebook accounts. However we do not control the actual post. That is all reader generated content.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy notice, please contact us by email at sales@lovemylibrary.com or call us at 866-888-5155.