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Love My Library FAQ's

What's the difference between Read-A-Thon and Love My Library Book Fairs? 
The biggest difference is that Read-A-Thon is reading engagement based and Love My Library Book Fairs is about supporting the library and getting books into the hands of readers with less work involved. 

How can I see the books that will be available to the readers?
Visit our Love My Library Book Fairs website and click on the Learn More tab, then Reader Store.   

How long should I run my event?
We suggest running your event for about 2 weeks. You are in control of your event and can edit your dates accordingly.

Do I need to enter my teachers into the system?
You will be asked to enter your teacher names and the number of readers per class. You can load an unlimited number of teachers.

How do I load my teacher's names?
You can do that one at a time or upload a spreadsheet. Current acceptable formats are CSV or any of the Excel formats, xls or xlsx.

How can multiple members of a household sign up?
Simply sign up your first reader. Once you are in the first reader's account, go to the menu option and select Register Another Reader. It will automatically log the first reader out and direct you to the registration page. The current library code will populate and you can then add a second reader's name, same email, and same mobile number. You will be able to switch between each reader's dashboard.

How can I edit my profile? 
Editing your profile can be completed by logging into the dashboard. Select the menu button, then scroll to edit my profile and click on the link to edit.

How do I know my marketing materials have shipped? 
You will receive an email and notification with your tracking information.

How do I reprint the Reader Take Home sheet? 
From your dashboard click on the Menu icon. Click Marketing Materials and a link to the PDF file is located in the Student Excitement pane.

How do I know how much money I have raised?
You can access your information from your dashboard.

When will I receive my cash profit?
Once the student's 10 day shopping period ends, we will send your first check for 80% of your earned profit. 20 days later you will be mailed a second check for the remainder of your earned profit. We hold back the small percentage to allow for all charges to settle.

How do readers spend their credits?
They can shop directly from their Reader Dashboard.

How long do readers have to spend their credits?
They have 10 calendar days from the event end date. We will send you text and email reminders.

What if a student has books in their cart or on their bookshelf that they would like to purchase with their own funds?
Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a way to complete that purchase.

Will the carts or bookshelves carry over into my next book fair?
No. Each book fair is unique.

How will orders be shipped?
We partner with Ingram and the Book Depot. You may receive two different shipments. We encourage you to wait for all orders to distribute. On your dashboard you will see tracking information to help you in knowing how many orders you will be receiving. LoveMyLibrary covers all shipping costs.

Will there be a report with teacher and reader names?
Yes, you will find three reports in your librarian dashboard. We highly recommend you print the PDF of each from there to cross reference and distribute.

Will I have order tracking information?
Yes, order tracking information will populate on your dashboard.

How long after my event ends should I expect my full order to arrive?
We give the readers 10 business days to make their selections. Then it takes about 3-5 business days to pack orders. Depending on your location it takes about 3-4 business days to ship. We recommend 10-14 business days from the end of your event.

Can they be shipped to the reader's home?
Unfortunately, we do not have that option currently.

What is the best way to distribute books?
We suggest waiting for your full order to arrive and then match up your teacher manifest. You can also distribute during your library time and make it a celebration.

What if books are on backorder?
We check inventory once your book fair ends. If a book you or a reader ordered is no longer in stock the purchaser will be notified and given 3 days to make a different choice. We will then submit your order to the warehouse.

What if books arrive damaged?
Please notify us of damage within 3-5 days of receipt.

What if a reader changes their mind?
Once a reader purchases books all sales are final.

What if books are missing from my order?
Please notify us of any shortages within 3-5 days of receipt. Or you can report it via your Report Shortage button on the bottom of your dashboard. We will investigate and make arrangements for a replacement or credit.

Will I be able to see my past account information?
We will provide an overview of past events. We delete reader and donor information so we will only be able to provide overviews.

Can I see my reader orders from my dashboard?
You can access a reader's dashboard from your dashboard if applicable. Otherwise, the readers' orders will be on the printable report on your dashboard.

How do I rebook my book fair?
Simply log in to your account once your book fair is done to easily schedule your next Love My Library book fair.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have during your Love My Library Book Fair experience. Reach out to your dedicated representative or call 1.800.682.2240