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Finally, a Book Fair Reimagined
Just for Librarians

There just aren't many fundraising options for libraries that need books and resources. A book fair is a great community event; however, it can be overwhelming with little in return. At Love My Library we considered all the benefits of a book fair and created a program that can serve as an alternative.
How you might ask?

We joined forces to bring you a book fair reimagined

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The world's fastest growing literacy-based donation platform, Read-A-Thon
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Ingram Boxes
The world's largest book distributor, Ingram Content
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Schollett experts
A dedicated sales organization with over 75 years of expertise in the book fair business led by senior managers from the national book fair companies who joined us to build a better book fair.

Why are Love My Library Book Fairs different from traditional online Book Fairs?

Instead of selling books to students, Love My Library's reimagined book fairs raise money using a state-of-the-art donation platform that reaches friends and family members and asks them to support students they know. Those donations are used by students to buy books on their customized bookshelf.
The average school book fair raises a little over $4,000. Love My Library Book Fairs and Read-A-Thon average over $11,000 per event. Our digital platform drives more donations and encourages participation from a broader network.
100% of the funds raised stay within the school community!
Librarians keep 50% of the money raised to spend as they wish. We provide all the tools, marketing materials and shipping at NO COST. Your readers keep 50% of the money raised to spend on books and other prizes.
Love My Library Book Fairs have taken years of book fair knowledge and made the EASIEST, MOST PROFITABLE, and LEAST TIME-CONSUMING literacy-based fundraiser on the market all while making sure student have access to latest and greatest in books.
Love My Library's reimagined book fair is the future of School Book Fairs.

Love My Library's BOOK FAIR is
THE perfect solution!

We offer a simple, secure virtual platform

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  • This works with busy family schedules
  • Everyone in the family's network can offer support without taxing the immediate family
  • No volunteers are needed
  • No disruption to classroom and library schedules
  • Broader online selection
  • Families can make thoughtful choices without the distraction of impulse buys
  • No need to handle cash, checks, or deposits
  • Friendly online platform has proven to drive higher volumes of donations

Student benefits

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  • Students connect with distant friends and family by engaging their participation via texts and emails
  • Students earn credits based on donations from their friends and family
  • They can redeem credits to purchase books and other fun prizes
  • Access to the most popular bestselling books

School benefits

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  • Sign up is FREE and you manange your book fair dates
  • School retains 100% of the donations
  • No inventory to manage or set up
  • Love My Library Book Fairs provides customized take-home flyers
  • Love My Library Book Fairs covers all shipping

Pick from a pre-curated selection of Best Selling Books

The Number 1 complaint we hear about traditional school book fairs is that there simply are not enough titles available to the students.
Your fair basically offers what the book fair company wants you to sell.
Love My Library reimagined book fair does two things for your students.
Your students choose from a pre-curated selection of the hottest selling books available.
Your students don't purchase books with their own money. They use credits they earn by promoting your Library Fundraiser.

No Cash or Inventory to Handle

The Number 2 complaint we hear about traditional school book fairs is the need to handle all the transactions that take place AND managing inventory. The best-selling books might sell out quickly which causes lower sales. And the Inventory is restricted to items shipped to your school.
Love My Library's reimagined book fair eliminates all in-person transactions, does all the record keeping for you, and eliminates the need to manage inventory.
We use the tried and proven Read-A-Thon donation platform to allow families and friends anywhere in the world to help your students get all the books they want while helping your library raise the money it needs. All transactions are online and recorded in real time.
Students search our database of pre-curated titles and build their own personal book shelf filled with the exact books they want. With no physical store there's no limitations on inventory and the students can choose from a much wider selection.

Highest Profits Anywhere

The Number 3 complaint we hear about traditional school book fairs is their profit structure.
Small schools and inner city schools with lower sales volumes are penalized and earn much smaller profits. In many cases the national book fair companies eliminate their cash profit option.
Love My Library's reimagined book fair offers the same high profit structure no matter how many students you have or how many dollars are raised.
Your library and students will retain 100% of the donations as profit.
And ALL SCHOOLS get the same great deal!
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Powered by Read-a-thon Fundraising Company

Love My Library is a division of Read-a-thon, the fastest-growing school fundraiser in the world. Its fundraising portal is used by millions of readers every year to raise millions of dollars for their school.

Love My Library utilizes the same secure donation platform, along with most of the same functionality to create a simple way for librarians to raise money. Readers easily promote their fundraiser using our proprietary social media, email and texting tools.

Read-a-thon's Love My Library division is a game changer for Media Specialists and Librarians:

"16 years of Book Fairs, Covid-19 left me no choice but to look for alternatives for fundraising. After reading about Read-A-Thon, I thought it was too good to be true, but I had to do something, so I gave it a shot. I so glad I did! The results were astronomical! I'm hooked. Easiest fundraiser ever!! Not only were the students excited about participating, but my Principal was a huge cheerleader! I'm pretty sure that both of our eyes popped out when we saw the end results. Thank you, Read-A-Thon for having such an easy way to encourage readers as well as raise funds for books."

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