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Finally, A Fundraiser Designed
Just for Librarians


Any child who helps promote your Library Fundraiser will get to choose a FREE BOOK simply for registering, sending out 10 emails to friends and family and posting on Facebook.

You Keep up to 80% of All Donations. That’s Right, 80%

Your library keeps up to 80% of donations in the form of Depot Dollars to spend on an unrivaled selection of books, media, and more in our Librarian Depot web-store. Prefer cash? Redeem your Depot Dollars for $0.60 each. No hassle...just REWARDING for librarians and students.
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How Many Books Are Available from Love My Library?

One of the benefits of Love My Library is the sheer number of books available to our Readers and Librarians. While the number changes constantly, one recent query in our store returned 3,213,163 books. That was just one query!! Unlike a physical book fair that can only offer limited titles, Love My Library strives to offer the largest selection of books available.

Maybe it’s time for your library to try a Love My Library Fundraiser!!!

3,213,163+ Books and Counting

Powered by Read-a-thon Fundraising Company

Love My Library is a division of Read-a-thon, the fastest-growing school fundraiser in the world. Its fundraising portal is used by millions of readers every year to raise millions of dollars for their school.

Love My Library utilizes the same secure donation platform, along with most of the same functionality to create a simple way for librarians to raise money. Readers easily promote their fundraiser using our proprietary social media, email and texting tools.

Read-a-thon’s Love My Library division is a game changer for Media Specialists and Librarians:

“16 years of Book Fairs, Covid-19 left me no choice but to look for alternatives for fundraising. After reading about Read-A-Thon, I thought it was too good to be true, but I had to do something, so I gave it a shot. I so glad I did! The results were astronomical! I'm hooked. Easiest fundraiser ever!! Not only were the students excited about participating, but my Principal was a huge cheerleader! I'm pretty sure that both of our eyes popped out when we saw the end results. Thank you, Read-A-Thon for having such an easy way to encourage readers as well as raise funds for books.”

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