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Profit & Payment

How do I know how much money our school has raised?

You can access your Love My Library profit on your coordinator dashboard.

When will I receive my profit?

Once the student's 10 day shopping period ends, we will email your Titlewave gift card and/or send your check via mail.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

We had a great experience with our first Love My Library online book fair. Our students and families loved it and were thrilled to receive the first quality books and prizes they earned with their efforts! The LML staff with whom I worked were very responsive and helpful, everything ran so well. And we added a large number of new books to our school library. Looking forward to next year’s book fair!

Bill Haas
Regional Representative

Our school really enjoyed our Love My Library book fair. Everything ran smoothly and our earnings were comparable to traditional in-person book fairs. We will definitely be using Love My Library again.

Melanie Bayer